Personal Shopper

As an online and in store personal gift shopper we are here to save you time in finding your perfect gift at a bargain price. The city diva is notified of exclusive sales that are by invitation only. At these sales, both online and in store, we find designer labels and basically anything you will be looking for at great prices every day. Our online or in store personal shopping services typically begins with a request from you listing what you are are looking for. After finding the right products we will notify you for your approval. Shopping is done according to your needs, so just tell us what you need along with how much you would like to spend and we will begin. We can have it beautifully wrapped and shipped anywhere worldwide. Whether it is one item or hundreds, for any holiday or occasion call us and we will get it done. We have lots of experience over the years and endless satisfied clients.


As a stylist/personal shopper we will shop at various boutiques. The shopping service can be for a  particular occasion, a particular season or an entire wardrobe. Once there, you will be given individual attention, including advice and assistance on current fashion trends and how to wear clothes to make you look your very best. Services will include, but are not limited to, color and  cut analysis, the art of enabling the you to better understand which colors and style cut is best for your body and accessorizing.  You will be shown how to wear clothes in order to accentuate your beauty as well as showing you how to accessorize your outfits to bring out their maximum effect .The right clothes on the right body can  definitely enhance a persons beauty, this is what i am here to help with. My goal is to make you look fabulous!